17 Oct
CCES Wish to Congratulate all of our October 2014 Graduates

On Wednesday 8th October 2014, the University of Canberra held its graduation ceremony, where 28 CCES Graduates conferred their awards. Three Graduates were lucky enough to attend the ceremony at Australia’s Parliament House, with one graduate travelling all the way from South Africa to attend the ceremony.

The Staff at CCES wish to congratulate each and every one of our Graduates on their achievements. The Graduates and their awards are listed below:

Graduate Certificate in International Customs Law and Administration 

Wanda Kapp and Adam Samuel Butler

Postgraduate Diploma in International Customs Law and Administration

Savas Poyraz, Saa Saamoi, Ndanganeni Coffet Lebepe, Alistair Gall, Patricia Elizabeth Jones, Duy Anh Le, Michal Spetany, Lars Karlsson, Connie Williams and Hussein Aljabri

Master of International Customs Law & Administration

Mark Harald Van Den Broek, Lusanne Fouche (Medal Winner), Parbhookumar Moodley, Gordon Wright, Bill Martin Eliasson, Roman Timofeev, Petunia Pretty Zamashimane Angel Mgwedli, Katsu Shigeaki, Willem Mathys, Ndivhaleni Baldwin Nditwani, Madalena Ferreira and Leon Potgieter 

Master of International Revenue Administration

Pham Duy Anh Huynh and Senait Teklehimanot Negesse

Masters of International Customs Law & Administration / International Revenue Administration 

Kheran Ramkhalawon and Owen Silvanus Holder