21 Jul
New Exposé on Human Trafficking

The Centre for Customs and Excise Studies at Charles Sturt University is pleased to announce the public release of a new exposé on the dark world of human trafficking, titled Trafficked to Australia. 

The documentary was originally designed as an educational resource to support students enrolled in the Human Trafficking subject that is being offered for the first time this year. However, in the course of its production - as the unsettling stories from survivors and those who are seeking to assist them emerged, together with reports from law enforcement agencies and other leading experts in the field - it soon became evident that Trafficked to Australia should be shared with a far wider audience. 

As a result, the documentary has been distributed globally. According to Professor David Widdowson, “Human trafficking is without doubt one of the most abhorrent and inhumane criminal activities in society today. Its story must be told, its global prevalence must be recognised, its victims must be heard, and its perpetrators must be brought to justice. And hopefully Trafficked to Australia will play some small part in achieving this”.