07 Jul
PACER Plus Job Opportunities

The Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations (PACER) Plus Implementation Unit (PPIU) is looking to fill three long term positions, providing an exciting opportunity.

Development and Design Adviser

The Development & Design Adviser will provide technical advice and support in delivery of the Development and Economic Cooperation Work Programme portfolio of activities for the PPIU. 

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Trade and Investment Adviser

The Trade/Investment Adviser will support the PPIU Head with the implementation of the Work Program and provide support, and advise, on legal and institutional matters in relation to PACER Plus as well as coordinate the provision of legal and trade facilitation investment and services advice to Participant Governments.

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 Operations and Secretariat Manager 

The Operations and Secretariat Manager will be responsible for assisting the PPIU Head to manage and deliver the operational functions of the IU, ensuring operational efficiency and meeting quality assurance requirements of the Parties.

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Applications close 21 July 2021.