22 Jun
2015 CLDP Participant Perspective

Ms. Norzila binti Abdullah
Senior Assistant Director of Customs II
Royal Malaysian Customs Department

I have enjoyed every part of the program. Each topic delivered was good and beneficial to me in enhancing myself in the management side and gained lots of customs knowledge and experience. The team building activity was fun and got all of us in the group involved; we cooperated to finish the tasks given and tried to be the champion.

This course is excellent in the sense that is helps the participants to:

  1. Enhance knowledge pertaining to Customs Administration challenges
  2. Enhance experience pertaining to Customs Administration challenges
  3. Enhance strategic leadership skills in each participant particularly in management and customs matters.
  4. Establish networking with other participants and organizer.

It has helped me to see matters from a different perspective, improve my interpersonal skills and to compare knowledge and experience with participants and lecturers from other countries. I can apply the skills I have gained to my work and to improving my leadership and management skills.
I will also share what I have learned from the program with my colleagues so that they will get to know what other customs officers in other countries do and the technologies used in their work.
This program is very good and hopefully will be conducted on a yearly basis.