22 Jun
2015 Customs Leadership & Development Program

The 2015 Customs Leadership Development Program (CLDP) was hosted by the Australian Immigration and Border Protection Portfolio, with the academic component of the program designed, prepared and delivered by CCES. 

CLDP 2015 was an intensive program aimed at developing the skills and knowledge of participants across a broad range of disciplines relevant to the effective strategic leadership of a modern customs organisation. 

The program recognised that customs administrations worldwide are operating in an increasingly complex and demanding environment. The objective of CLDP 2015 was to prepare participants to better deal with those complexities and demands in order to meet the expectations of a diverse range of stakeholders including government, international travellers, traders and the broader community. 

The program commenced in early May and ran for four weeks. The majority of the program was delivered in Canberra and the participants also made an operational visit to Immigration and Border Protection facilities in Sydney. 

The 14 participants were from the Royal Malaysian Customs Department and the Indonesian Directorate General of Customs and Excise with the subject matter, materials, activity scenarios, etc. aligned to Indonesian and Malaysian areas of interest and addressing relevant regional themes and issues. 

The program participants, the Immigration and Border Protection officers involved with the program and the CCES managers, tutors and presenters were unanimous in their support for the program and agreed that it has not only enhanced the knowledge of the participants but has strengthened regional cooperation. 

If your organisation is interested in a similar program then please contact us at: customs@csu.edu.au