18 Dec
CCES Hosts Indonesian Department of Customs & Excise in Thailand

From 14-18 December, eight senior officials from the Excise Division of the General Department of Customs & Excise (GDCE) of Indonesia visited CCES in Thailand to further their studies of excise taxation.  The visit is a key piece of the GDCE Excise Focus Group which is looking to strengthen the excise tax system of Indonesia.

The visit, led by Mr M Muhammad Purwantoro, Director of Excise Division, consisted of meetings with executives of the Thai Excise Department, including the Director-General, Somchai Pulsavasdi followed by a briefing on current excise law and proposed excise reforms as well as observation of remote production monitoring technology.

Associate Professor Rob Preece, CCES’ representative in Thailand and Course Director for Excise Studies gave a special lecture on recent regional excise reforms and the new ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Blueprint to a joint meeting of the Thai and Indonesian excise officers and an update on research CCES is conducting in this area.