09 Jun
Customs in times of crisis – an address to the University of Customs and Finance, Ukraine - Copy

On 27 May 2022 Professor David Widdowson addressed an international scientific conference, "Ukrainian Legal Dimension: Finding Answers to Global International Challenges" convened by the University of Customs and Finance, Ukraine. At the invitation of the University’s Rector, Professor Dmytro Bocharov and Head of Academic Council, Professor Viktor Chentsov, Professor Widdowson joined other speakers, including the WCO Secretary General, to discuss "Customs of Ukraine in Conditions of War and Martial Law". 

Professor Widdowson’s address, titled “Customs in times of crisis”, focused on the way in which, in times of crisis, a country’s customs authority is required to respond in the most radical of ways – whether the crisis is caused by natural disasters such as the devastation of a tsunami, the impact of a global pandemic, the horror of a terrorist attack, or the evil carnage of war. 

In closing he said, “Please know that your Australian colleagues sincerely wish for peace and a return to harmony and freedom. We maintain a fervent hope that all those affected by this humanitarian crisis will stay strong in these demanding and difficult times, and we very much look forward to meeting with you again when peaceful times return.”