22 Apr
Intensive Course Delivery in Namibia

Two of our Senior Lecturers, Shane Davie and Greg Weppner have recently spent time in Windhoek, Namibia, delivering intensive face to face sessions for the large cohort of Namibian Customs Officers enrolled in our online courses the Bachelor of Border Management, the  Graduate Certificate in Customs Administration and the Master of Customs Administration.

Shane and Greg spent a busy few days with our Namibian students providing orientation and subject overviews and as Shane has said “putting faces to the names of our students”. The Commissioner of Namibian Customs, Mr Bevan Simataa joined the discussions and provided great support.

One of the organizers of the intensive sessions was recent Master of International Customs Law & Administration graduate Ms Magdalena Nangolo. Maggie sends her best wishes to all her friends in the CCES Alumni.

Shane and Greg were in Namibia on Independence Day (21 March 2015) and were fortunate to be invited to join in the national celebrations at the residential home of Mrs Netumbo Nandi Ndaitwah, the Namibian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of International Relations (See picture above).

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Session 2 commences on 13 July 2015, with applications now open. So secure your place and be among the first in the world to complete these unique degrees.

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