19 Mar
Namibia Customs & Excise Service

Over 80 officers from Namibia Customs and Excise (NCE) Directorate within the Ministry of Finance have now enrolled in our Bachelor of Border Management, Graduate Certificate in Custom Administration and the Master of Customs Administration courses.  The group includes officers from the frontline, as well as middle and senior management.

In 2012, NCE embarked on a reform and modernization program with a strong focus on building the capacity of its work force. This academic endeavour is a key and integral aspect of the reform program. 12 NCE students who completed the Graduate Certificate in Customs Administration in 2014 have been admitted to the Master of Customs Administration and are well on their way to graduation.

CCES Alumni Magdalena Nangalo, Senior Executive Officer, Namibia Customs, and one of the people responsible for this education initiative says “Our role as revenue officers is quite complex and we need to be well equipped with knowledge and skills to perform our duties efficiently and effectively. For this purpose, we need to avail our staff with every opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills”.

In the recent past, CCES has taught large groups of officers from the South African Revenue Service (SARS), Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority (ERCA) and Sri Lanka Customs.