19 Mar
Train the Trainer Workshops – Laos PDR

CCES conducted two, one-week Train the Trainer Programs in Vientiane, Laos from 23 February to 6 March. This was the second phase of the Laos Trade Facilitation and Regulatory Compliance Management Development Program.

The program had four key objectives. These were to train officials from Lao PDR Trade Facilitation Secretariat member ministries to:

  • Effectively prepare a lesson,
  • Present a lesson in a professional manner,
  • Demonstrate vocational training techniques and methods, and
  • Evaluate training to measure training effectiveness.

20 participants from nine Laos PDR agencies in total were trained and both the training and the participant’s presentations were conducted in English. CCES Trainers Brent Juratowitch (Director Vocational Programs) and Andy Johnson (Associate Professor) facilitated the workshops. A number of outstanding potential trainers were identified and these participants, with CCES trainers, will jointly conduct future Middle and Senior Management training programs.

Brent and Andy found Vientiane a wonderful location to work with one cultural highlight of the visit being the attendance at a Laotian wedding with over 2000 guests.