20 May

In 2014, CCES began running the online course, the Advanced Diploma of International Business Management. The course has been designed for people seeking or pursuing an exciting career specifically in international business and has been developed by Australian professionals in their field. It is recognised as an advanced qualification within the industry and is accredited by the Australian Quality Skills Authority (ASQA).

How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered online. Students will have access to an online system which they will be required to log into via the internet. Communication with trainers and assessors is via email through the online course system. Each course is delivered on a unit basis, each unit taking approximately 10 weeks to complete.

With a full time study load, each unit can be completed in five weeks, and you can successfully obtain the Advanced Diploma of International Business Management within 12 months. You also have the option of choosing to study part-time.

Career Opportunities

Completion of the Advanced Diploma of International Business Management will benefit people who are working in:

  • Logistics management
  • Trade Administration
  • Public sector agencies involved in international trade practice or policy
  • Newly globalising businesses
  • Export departments of major corporations

Full details can be found on our website: www.customscentre.com or by contacting us on the following details:

Phone: +61 (0) 2 6272 6300
Email: customs@csu.edu.au